Sgraffito Drawing with Kelly Six

The monthly meeting of The Florida Glass Dragons is February 10th, 2019! Mark your calendars!

Date: February 10th, 2019
Place: Kelley Six’s Home

Time: 11:00 a.m. to 3 p.m ish

Kelly has a fun meeting planned for us! In addition to lampworking, she is also fantastic fused glass artist and she is opening her home to us, offering a really neat project called Sgraffito Drawing on some fusible glass.

In Kelly’s words:

It will be fun to see everyone! I thought we’d start with a little Glass Powder Sgraffito Drawing on some fusible glass. I can easily fire and people’s projects to them. $10 should cover the materials and firing. I’d also be willing to mail them to anyone not coming to another meeting for the cost of a small flat rate box $7.90 — Feel free to bring a friend if you’d like.

Here’s a nice Pinterest example:

In addition, there is a fun whimsical museum not too far away. It only costs $5 so I thought after the meeting anyone who is interested in checking it out could carpool over there. Here is the Tripadvisor link for that:

We can’t wait to see you there.
See you soon!

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March Meeting: Jennifer Jennings is hosting in Melbourne! She will have a fun project for us:)

Looking for volunteers to host meetings April, May….etc etc

Additional Announcements:
We have been asked to participate in the Central Florida Fair. They are willing to pay us $250 for booth setup and extended the ability to sell our works there as well if we would like. They generally don’t allow sales….but I said it would be easier to get folks to volunteer to work the fair if they could sell their wares. I have been chatting back and forth with the organizer for a couple weeks now and we are past the deadline to participate. He is ok with that and allowing us a bit more time as he approached us late in the game. They would like 3 weekends commitment but are okay with less if we need that. They also would like us to do a 2-hour slot for demos as well. This would be a great opportunity for us to expand. It is the fairs 107th year! Below is a link to the event. I need to hear back from all who are willing to do this with me. I am willing to book a hotel and stay up there for the 3 weekends to run it…but I can’t do it alone:) I need help. Again…you can sell your stuff! Please get back to me as soon as possible if you can help and /or think we should do this:)

Crystal Clark

If we do this we wont have a March meeting as it will be during one of the weekends at the fair..or we can do it at the fair:) Jen Jennings will host for April if we do the fair:)

Central Florida Fair | Orlando, FL
4603 W. Colonial Dr • Orlando, FL

Jennifer Jennings knows someone selling 3 ktanks for $150 each. These are owner tanks and marked as such. He also has a chili pepper kiln for $300. The Chili pepper is 2 years old and has a new relay and coil.

We are actively looking for a welding instructor for a class for a meeting. Please keep us posted if you know of one! We would like to do a garden art welding project as a group:)